Monday, May 12, 2014

From the vinyl dark ages...

Awhile back I got the notion that I would like to own a record printed in every year since 1950. Mainly because the oldest record I own is from 1950. For a lot of those years, it's quite easy to find vinyl. However, with the advent of CD's in the late 80's, finding records from the early 90's can be a little tough. Even I didn't buy any records from (roughly) 1989 to 2002 as they were just not around. Of those early 90's, the year 1990 proved to be the hardest. But then I found this, a copy of ZZ Top's "Recycler"! Featuring their contribution to the Back To The Future soundtrack, "Doubleback" plus one of their best songs, "My Head's In Mississippi" it is a stellar representation of 1990. Now, the only year I'm missing is 1952, the search continues.

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