Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Best rock album of the 90's!

Pearl Jam - Yield
I heard a song on the radio back in 1998 and didn't who it was, but I really liked it! After a little research, turned out the song was called, "Do The Evolution". When I found it was Pearl Jam, I couldn’t believe it. It had been a couple of years since “No Code” and I was living and working on small town radio, so not up with the rock world. But I picked up "Yield"and have loved it ever since. It also features, "Given To Fly", “Brain Of J”, “MFC” and "Wishlist" and is easily one of my most listened to albums.
It's a simple, rock album with great songs, great sound and a great pace. It's almost half over before you even realize it. The first seven songs being a journey that usually leaves me out of breath by song 4. They even things out with, "Wishlist" and "Pilate" before launching into Evolution. Only 4 of the 12 songs are 4 minutes or longer and the whole disc clocks in at a, short attention span friendly, 48 minutes and change.
Jack Irons was the bands drummer since 1996 and left shortly after the recording of this album. His playing is one of the reasons I'm so fond of Yield. It's a tour de force of drumming. The drums sound great! Vs is a great sounding drum record too, but Yield is a little crisper. And the songs are much more mature than the second record. Top if off with Jack's talent, easily the best drummer in PJ's rotating line up behind the kit.

His untitled (well, ... on the sleeve) compostition represents the middle point of the album. A nice divider to get you into the second half of the album. More great songs (In Hiding) and not only one of the better album closers, but one of the best decade closing songs in, "All Those Yesterdays".

An overlooked and underappreciated edition of the Pearl Jam catalog.

Watch this video and listen to this song!

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