Monday, February 21, 2011

Sexy album covers 3

This one is an obvious homage to Roxy Music's, "Country Life". And while that record featured the 70's exotic beauty, "Love And Desperation" features the 21st century exotic/alternative girl version. They even go a step further and put a couple of pictures inside the gatefold....
The ladies also appear on the label in addition to some tasty coloured vinyl....
The best part....much like "Country Life", "Love and Desperation" is a good record. Some solid, loud basement rock and roll with catchy melodies. Nice and raw with loud drums and guitar, but not heavy at all. There's even a few mellow tunes to keep things from getting too repetitive. I saw the album first and was going to buy it based on the cover alone. But, it was close to 30 bucks. I decided to check out a few tunes on youtube first and liked what I heard. Only heard one song, but that was enough to send me back to the store to pick it up. I almost felt like I was buying dirty magazine at the corner store...."There's an article in there I really want to read, I swear" ha ha

The band is new (it came out in 2010) and is made up of some musician friends who got together after one of them wrote a bunch of songs following the death of his mother. It's not a supergroup but does feature J. Mascis, the guitar player from Dinosaur Jr with the glasses and long coloured hair.

Good rock tunes with a cover like that, you just can't go wrong.

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