Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crappy records I own

I bought this one because of, “It’s Not Love”, the first song on side 2. I was never a big Dokken fan, they always seemed a little too slick and too cranky and fake for me. I was always more of a Van Halen guy and not necessarily for the guitar heroics either. I was more into the catchy tunes, killer riffs and good times. Like a lot of 80’s hair metal bands, Dokken were just another second generation VH. Even down to both bands are named after members, Don Dokken was (is) the lead singer.
Nonetheless, I really liked the song when I first heard it and still do. Again, it’s another VH rip-off, with smooth guitar intro, killer riff, verse, shout out chorus, repeat, solo, spoken word interlude (chick calls dude on the phone) back into chorus and repeat. It does have a cool guitar solo and the video has the band playing on back of a flat bed truck. Basically the coolest thing a band can do as far as I’m concerned, is play on the back of a flat bed truck. So, I was 13, could only afford a record every now and then on my allowance and decided to take a shot with “Under Lock And Key”.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be a typical, mid-80’s (1985) cheesy hair metal album. From the hair and outfits to the power ballads to the guitar solos to the wailing vocals (Don could sing), it’s as paint by numbers as it gets. I always stop and look at it when I’m flipping through and think, “Why do I keep this?”. Then I remember first of all, “It’s Not Love”. And second, no one would buy it from me.
So I throw on side 2, listen to the first tune and go, “ohhhh yeah!’ Here’s the only reason I keep this record, it's the 80's on the back of a flat bed truck!
It's Not Love video

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